1,000 Solar Powered E-Buses For China

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were among those in attendance at a ceremony officially unveiling BYD’s new all-electric K9 e-bus, 1,000 of which are due to begin providing public transportation services in China’s Hunan province later this year.

BYD Auto is currently China’s fastest growing automaker, aided in part by the F3 model, which hit a record sales of 290,963 units in 2009 and became China’s best-selling sedan in the 2009 model year. The K-9 e-Bus utilizes BYD’s Fe battery system, in-wheel motors, and intelligent battery management systems. BYD’s design also takes advantage of all that real estate on top of the 39 foot body of the bus with a large solar power system that provides all of the juice for the K9, making for what BYD says is an emissions free ride.

BYD K-9 Electric Bus

image via BYD Auto

The e-bus hits a top speed around 43 mph and can travel 190 miles on a single charge (without solar). Using BYD’s standard charging cabinet, the K9 can be fully charged in 6 hours with normal charger or it can be rapid-charged 50% on BYD’s proprietary rapid-chargers in just 30 minutes.

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