Concept Collects Water With Solar Power

Way back at the beginning of last year, we covered a concept design that harvests water out of fog for areas with otherwise limited resources. Now we bring you the Swater, a concept by Chun Yen Tsao and Hsing-Tan Yang (which comes to us by way of Yanko Design) designed to harvest water from the condensation that forms inside it while sitting out in the sun.

The awl-shaped cap of this device features a little solar panel that generates the energy needed to run the electrical heating tube and a light for disinfection. Air comes in through the top, apparently, and releases the water you didn’t even know it had into a “raw water bucket, ” where it’s disinfected. A heating tube then evaporates the water so that it condenses on sides of the device, which then drips down to the bottom bucket, distilled, disinfected and suitable for human consumption.


image via Yanko Design

While the specifics on this device aren’t all that clear it seems unlikely to work in the parched, dry desert areas where it’s pictured, due to the near nonexistence of local humidity. Then again, the cap of the device is cone shaped, so perhaps it’s designed to capture (and purify) intermittent rainwater as well? Either way, a useful design that deserves to see the light of day.

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    We are indeed fortunate to live in a world of modern technology which has provided us the convenience of electricity at the flip of the switch. Nature has provided us with an unlimited source of energy in the form of solar power.

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