Nokero Updates Solar Powered Light Bulb

Back in June we first learned about Nokero and its desire to bring solar powered light bulbs to developing nations. The company’s first model, the N100, looks to have done well enough – 50,000 produced thus far – that Nokero is now coming out with an improved model it calls the N200.

Nokero said the N200 is a marked improvement from the previous bulb, burning 60 percent brighter than the N100 plus lasting over six hours on one day’s charge. It is already being used in Pakistan, where flood victims have been quoted as saying it makes their refugee camps feel safer at night. Other points of deployment for this bulb include Iraq and Kenya.

Nokero N200

image via Cheyenne Ellis/Nokero

Features of the N200 include four LEDs in the bulb; a rechargeable Ni-MH battery which powers the bulb and can be replaced; automatic shut off in bright light; a rainproof design; and a multi-switch setting to determine how bright the bulb gets when in use.

Like The N100, the N200 is designed to replace fuel-based kerosene lamps in developing nations. These lamps, besides burning fossil fuels, are also quite harmful to those who use them. Nokero said more than one million people die each year in fuel-based lighting fires, and an additional 1.6 million are estimated to die from indoor air pollution.

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  • The bulb can last six or more nhours on one day’s charge, or 2.5 hours per night or more in Turbo-Task nmode. The Nokero’s N200 single solar paneln can be pivoted toward the sun to maximize charging efficiency in the nday, and at night the light can be hung, or set inside to provide light. nn

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