Solar Cockroach Makes Us Glad It’s Friday

Usually by the time Friday afternoon rolls around here at EarthTechling HQ we are pretty well ready for the weekend after a long hard week of bringing you some of the best in green technology news coverage. That’s why it is nice sometimes to have the last story out the door be on something totally not serious and life changing: enter the Solar Powered Cockroach.

Yes, the Solar Powered Cockroach, available for around $7 through It is, as the name implies, solar powered via a PV cell A motor inside the little plastic bug, which powers it enough via whatever light source you pretty much have to provide it motion. It is described as a science toy to teach about forms of alternative energy, but we just like to think of it as a kind of pet that would fit well roaming our office as we write up clean energy stories.

Solar Cockroach

image via

TreeHugger, which found the little guy, says what we pretty much feel about this cockroach: “yep, definitely on the weirder side of things we’ve seen solar panels attached to.” Red Ferret Journal perhaps puts it even better, stating “everyone’s idea of a perfect eco pet, right? Small black, wriggly. Saving the planet. Wait…” We will just silently nod at both of these accurate statements and head out the door now for a beer. Cheers…

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