IOGEAR Offers Talking Hands-Free Solar

Charge it up and talk it up, hands free–and now, know who’s calling before you answer. IOGEAR, creators of the Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit, have announced that they’re taking their solar Bluetooth system one step further with the new Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car Kit, designed to access your cell phone’s contacts.

Have a call coming in while you’re on the road? Your IOGEAR Caller Announce Kit will tell you who’s calling (presumably via some pleasant, only vaguely robotic voice), supplying detailed incoming caller information gleaned from your cell phone’s phonebook. The system makes use of a speakerphone built to the latest Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR specifications, with integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression technology to provide what is said to be “clear, crisp, in-car communications.”

Solar Bluetooth Caller Announce Hands-Free Car Kit

image via IOGEAR

After an initial AC charge, the solar device soaks up the sun via an integrated solar panel to provide off-grid juice for your hands-free calling pleasure. Once charged, it will provide up to eight hours continuous talk time and up to 400 standby hours time. The device also offers its text-to-speech (TTS) caller announcing function in multiple-languages (including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian) and can store up to 1,000 contacts from a cell phone phonebook when paired with most mobile phones.

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