Voltaic Unveils New Solar Power Bags

Solar bag manufacturer Voltaic, whose solar backpack we recently reviewed, announced today a slew of new bags, an upgrade to its USB battery pack and an update for those waiting for its upgraded Generator battery for laptops. Two of the new bags are unique in that they are actually designed to act as accessories to the bag you regularly use to carry your portable, power hungry devices in.

Voltaic’s new bags include the Amp (priced around $100), Fuse (priced around $130) and the Switch (priced around $130). The Amp is the first of the two solar accessories, designed to be small and fit into your regular bag. It is said by Voltaic to produce up to four watts of solar power and offer twice the battery storage of most solar chargers on the market. The Fuse is a bag attachment, providing you a lightweight way to have solar power at up to four watts as well. The Switch, meanwhile, is a more traditional solar bag which also does four watts and can carry a variety of devices.

Voltaic New Bags

image via Voltaic

As for the rest of Voltaic’s announcement, its upgraded USB Battery Pack V11 (priced around $40) now offers the addition of high temperature Lithium Polymer cells. This means reportedly the battery will “lose less capacity and is less likely to be damaged when exposed to high temperatures.” The highly anticipated, redesigned Generator battery, meanwhile, is said to have more power than the original Generator battery, a high-power port for iPads and will be compatible with a bigger range of laptops. It is in its third round of prototypes, and Voltaic believes it should be able to begin production soon, which should be good news for everyone on the Generator back order list

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