Sony Multimedia Player Solar Powered

It’s still currently in the concept phase, but thankfully, it won’t be a concept much longer. Hoang M. Nguyen’s Eclipse–designed in collaboration with Sony–is a unique window-mounted multimedia player that draws its energy directly from the sun.

Suction-cup this handy little gizmo to the window of your choice–over the sink while you’re doing your dishes, for example, or on a sunny backseat window for the kids on one of those long, boring car trips–and press play.  The back of the Eclipse comes equipped with a little PV panel which harvests electricity from the sun to play your movies, music, slideshows, etc. An internal battery stores all that accumulated energy, so your media device will still run at night.

Sony Eclipse

image via Hoang M. Nguyen

While the portability and sustainable energy source of the Eclipse are both attractive elements, it seems as if there may still be a few kinks to be worked out. For instance, if the sun is shining directly in your window (which is what tends to work best for PV panels), how comfortable is it going to be to stare directly at it in order to see what’s displayed on that little screen? Others have pointed out that if you want this thing to work reliably, it will also have to come equipped with a back-up source of power (i.e., AC adaptor), which is not mentioned in the current description.

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