San Diego Schools Go Big On Solar

When it comes to a renewable energy, schools are an obvious place to start. After all, green technologies are likely to prove key to creating a sustainable future for kids, and the more education-by-example schools can provide, the better.

This is a sentiment that the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) school board seems to have taken to heart, as it recently approved a partnership with AMSOLAR Corporation (a company dedicated to providing solar power for school systems) to build 5.2 Megawatts (MW) of solar power. This system will bring solar power to 20 sites throughout the SDUSD, comprised of 23,000 solar panels placed on over 80 rooftops, making it what is expected to be the largest single solar program in the U.S. in terms of schools being served.


image via AmSolar

Under this agreement, SDUSD expects to save tax-payers between $13 million and $20 million in utility costs, with the PV energy system producing 64% of all electricity currently consumed at each of these 20 sites and covering 11% of SDUSD’s total District-wide energy needs. This new project represents an expansion of the SDUSD’s existing 4.17MW of solar power situated in 28 sites. Total installed capacity, when this new project is complete, will be 9.38MW over 48 sites.

“We are proud that SDUSD’s leadership selected AMSOLAR as its partner for this groundbreaking 5.2 megawatt solar project.  The structure of this partnership ensures that the District saves money with no taxpayer investment required, while at the same time bringing clean, renewable solar power to 20 sites and 80 rooftops throughout San Diego,” said Joshua Weinstein, Managing Partner of AMSOLAR Corporation, in a statement.  “That means the District will save money on its energy costs from the day the system is placed in service, providing immediate relief at a time when funds are scarce.”

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    Tim Loveall

    Would like to know if the school district will offer classes pertaining to solar energy.

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