Solar-Powered Singapore House Is Simply Stunning

Oh, to live in a modern tropical bungalow, with a humid breeze wafting through open windows and verandas, a view of the ocean out in front, and an undulating sea of photovoltaic panels overhead. That was the vision, apparently, of Guz Architects when they created Singapore’s Fish House, which was recently completed.

The main design concept, according to Contemporist, was to create a house with a close relationship with nature. The house achieves this via a swimming-pool that links the house with the landscape outside, readily available views of the ocean, and diffuse natural lighting throughout. The curved roofs, symbolizing sea waves, are almost completely covered with thin-film photovoltaic solar panels that power the house; the remaining surface area takes the form of a green roof/outdoor leisure space.


image via Contemporist

The architects call the Fish House “a modest and yet luxurious residential design,” which seems to beg the question: if a house that’s partially surrounded by a swimming pool, includes a green-roof leisure area and abundant views of the nearby ocean is “modest,” what are these folks designing for their high-end clients?

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