Multifunctional Solar Gadget Plays Music, Charges Cell Phones

Now here’s an idea: as long as your solar charger is just lying around in the sun, why not use it to kick up some sunny-day tunes? That’s the concept behind a unique little item that’s come to our attention recently: the Solar Mini Speaker Charger by Chinavasion (wich comes to us by way of The Design Blog).

Talk about mult-tasking! It’s a radio, an MP3 player, and an alarm clock. Oh, and it also charges a wide array of your beloved portable devices, from cell-phones to digital cameras and beyond–which means that this handy little device can be quite useful. All this via its S-2-O  (Solar to Output) technology that uses the power of the sun, harvested via an integrated solar panel, to charge its built-in internal lithium ion battery.


image via Chinavasion

At just $29.93, it seems like there must be some catch here. But even if the juice provided for portable devices doesn’t rival that of the bigger, high-powered solar chargers out there today, the multifunctionality of this device still makes it a steal; there’s plenty of hype on the product site about the volume and quality of the sound produced by the Solar Mini Speaker Charger. Oh, and did we mention it also tells the temperature?

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