Yosemite Solar Light Brings Green To Light Poles

A company by the name of Geosis Corporation is planning to unveil shortly a new solar light converter which could go a long way towards powering commercial and residential lamp posts with solar power. It is called the Yosemite Series Solar Light and it is part of the company’s Sunmia brand of solar lighting products.

The Sunmia Yosemite Series Solar Light is designed to mount atop any lamp post with a 3-inch diameter. The mounted solar panel can be angled in several different ways to capture as much solar energy as possible. The fixture comes with what seems to be its own light box design and also includes a 3-watt LED bulb that can be swapped out once it burns out. An integrated Li-ion phosphate battery, which powers the light at night, can be recharged in four to six hours of sunlight. A hybrid option is available as well that would allow for AC power to drive the lighting unit during a long period of cloudy days.

Geosis' Yosemite Series Solar Light

image via Geosis Corporation

“The Yosemite series is designed to provide users an easy alternative to becoming green,” said Ms. Nadarajan, Director of Marketing at Geosis Corporation, in a statement. “With the new Sunmia product, old commercial and residential lights can be converted into solar lights without incurring additional installation costs while reducing energy the way it was intended.”

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  • Reply June 29, 2010


    Are LEDs the absolute most energy efficient bulbs? Because they’ll have to be to be powered by that tiny solar panel. I was thinking that fluorescents were even better. http://www.advancedlightingandelectric.com/Commercial-Lighting.htm

  • Reply June 30, 2010


    LEDs use less than half the energy of compact fluorescents, and they don’t contain mercury. Solar power is great in theory but I’ve found that most panels available commercially aren’t that effective. Because of that, I’m sure LED lights would make the most of whatever energy these tiny panels can store.

  • Reply August 25, 2010


    We sell the Yosemite solar light post and have sold many of them to cities, schools and companies needing street or parking lights. Excellent product. Customers are happy.

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