Rural South Africans Will See World Cup Via Solar Powered TVs

The World Cup–arguably the world’s biggest sporting event–is coming to Johannesburg, South Africa. But tickets (as any soccer enthusiast is well aware) do not come cheap. Considering the lack of grid infrastructure in rural Africa, along with the preponderance of television sets in the Western world, this means that more Europeans are destined to actually see the matches, via their televisions, than South Africans themselves.

Which is why we’re happy to see that the World Cup is planning on working with SolarWorld Africa to bring something called the Sun-TV (which comes to us by way of Greenlaunches) to the rural area around Johannesburg known as Gauteng. Solar powered Sun-TVs will broadcast the FIFA World Cup during the games–presumably at low to no cost to the public–in the spirit of the public “fan-parks” that proved so popular during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.


image via Greenlaunches

After the games, the Sun-TV stations will be operated for at least five years by SolarWorld Africa, offering local kids access to learning channels and digital satellite television programs, as reported by The Citizen. Each station comes equipped with solar modules/PV panels, batteries and charging devices for power supply, a DVD player and TV set with a satellite receiver; the system is designed to be reliable, maintenance-free and easy to install.

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    Glad to see the positive impact on the local community.

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