Developing Nations Can Now Light Up With Solar Powered Bulb

Kerosene lights in development countries are bad news because of potential safety issues. We’ve seen a number of initiatives of late to bring safe and affordable alternatives to these regions of the world and now Nokero is jumping into the fray with its own offering. It is called the Nokero N100 and it is said to be the world’s only solar light bulb.

The Nokero N100, according to the company, is about the size of your regular incandescent bulb. It is designed to be charged during the daylight so that it can provide several hours of light in the evening. It is also designed with a replaceable, rechargeable battery so that it can be swapped out as needed, which is about every two years with regular use.

Nokero N100

image via Nokero

Nokero says also that the N100 “is made of impact resistant plastic, four solar panels, and five bright LEDs (light emitting diodes). It can withstand wind, rain, and weather” as well. The LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of life, and the company believes that it will be equally useful “in areas of natural disaster, used for domestic lighting, on camping trips, in schoolhouses or in and around the home or patio.”

“We’ve done everything we can to make this solar bulb affordable and long-lasting so the people who need it can afford it, and reap the benefits, ” said Nokero’s inventor and founder Stephen Katsaros in a statement. “There are so many ways this product can change lives: It can help keep families and shopkeepers safe, help students study at night, eradicate indoor pollution, and reduce worldwide carbon emissions.”

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  • Reply June 11, 2010

    Gene @ Diy Solar Panels

    Hopefully we`ll see even more similar products like this one. Solar energy played a major role in the recent Haiti disaster.

  • Reply January 15, 2011


    Where can one buy these systems, and how much?

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