Concept Camera Strap Harvests Solar Energy

Now here’s a practical concept for nature lovers and sight-seeing tourists alike: a camera strap that harvests the power of the sun to feed your photography habit. Did we mention that it looks pretty cool, too?

The Solar Camera Strap by Weng Jie (which comes to us via Yanko Design) makes use of thin-film solar strips integrated into a sturdy, comfortable, lay-flat strap capable of supporting even the most tricked of super-lens-sporting cameras. It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense, as camera straps, like backpacks, often spend a lot of time in the sun. Why not exploit the available natural resources?

Solar Camera Strap

image via Yanko Design

Considering this concept design and the growing array of different everyday items with solar panels–from cell-phones to lamps to bags and laptop cases–it’s not hard to imagine a future where just about anything requiring power would have an integrated solar component. And why not? As thin-film photovoltaics become cheap and ubiquitous, it should become increasingly easy to ween a growing array off gadgets off the grid.

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  • Reply June 29, 2010

    Photography News

    Useful innovation. There are many moments in our lives when we wish we had something like that. Hopefully we’ll see it in shops soon.

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