Aeolus Wind-Powered Phone Concept Channels Solar Also

Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge your mobile phone simply by clipping it to your handlebars and setting out for a bike ride? The Aeolus Phone may only a concept at this point, but we like the way designer Cyrene Quiamco thinks.

The Aeolus Phone Concept (which comes to us via Ecofriend) is a cute little phone integrated with an off-grid charger that makes use of both wind power and solar power to charge its on-board battery. We’ve seen plenty of solar chargers recently, so it’s really the wind part of the equation here that makes this design unique; the Aeolus comes equipped with a power-generating fan designed to capture even the slightest breeze and convert it into a charge. (We imagine you could probably even just blow on the thing, though you might run out of breath by the time you have enough power to actually place a call.)


image via Ecofriend

The phone’s design makes use of a simple, single color, energy-efficient LCD screen–apparently built tough enough that it could be attached to a bicycle or on the window of a car “with a special tripod to help the fan generate more energy.” (We’re not too sure about that one.) The designer also claims that this phone can be built from renewable materials–though given that perky green exterior and its projected outdoor conditions, we’d suggest recycled plastic, instead.

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