Sunlight Refrigeration Uses Solar Power To Cool Perishables

What comes to mind when you think of sunlight? Picnics, a day at the beach, working on your tan… but not refrigeration, right? It may seem backwards to think of sunlight refrigerating your food, but that’s precisely what’s happening thanks to the ingenuity of several Fraunhofer research scientists.

According to Fraunhofer, the research’s goal is to use the concept of sunlight refrigeration to refrigerate perishable foodstuffs using solar power. The concept is already being executed in Morocco and Tunisia. “In the MEDISCO project, solar plants for refrigerating milk and wine have been installed in cooperation with universities, energy agencies and European companies.” Fraunhofer researchers say the method will be especially beneficial for countries who enjoy frequent days of sunshine, as well as for remote areas without conventional means of refrigeration.

sunlight refrigeration

Image via Fraunhofer

Sunlight refrigeration works by using installed concentrating collectors to direct sunlight onto an absorber using a reflector. The solar radiation is converted hot water with a temperature of 200 degrees, a temperature necessary for powering the absorption refrigeration machine for the high external temperatures of certain areas.

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