Solar Sailor Announces Plans for Green Super Yacht Soliloquy

We’ve shown you plenty of green boats at EarthTechling, but out of all shown thus far, which is the greenest? The answer, according to United Kingdom-based Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd., is a resounding “none of the above” when pitted against its forthcoming eco boat, the Soliloquy.

Touted as a “super-green superyacht,” the Soliloquy is a behemoth boat which will include 600 square feet of photovoltaic surfacing used to propel the 190-foot vessel to eight knots during a 12-hour time period. During times when adequate sunlight is not available, the yacht will be powered by four hydrogen fuel cells and a diesel engine. “Automated operation of the rig’s three pivotally mounted, rigid-wing sails — also require less manpower and smaller crews than cloth-sailed vessels,” according to Green Biz. “The yacht can also send power to the electrical grid at a marina where facilities are available.”


Image via Solar Sailor

Solar Sailor is sponsoring the project via Coventry University, who was looking to design a luxurious yacht that shirked noise, emissions, and fuel expenses.

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