Solar-Powered Elephant Night-night Light Is Green Kid Friendly

Are the monsters beneath your children’s beds keeping them petrified long past bedtime? What they need is a brave yet non-threatening sentinel to keep the boogieman at bay. Fortunately, Nigel’s Eco Store happens to have just such an item: the Elephant Night-night Light, a nightlight that, as you might expect, resembles the eponymous trunked behemoth.

Unlike most nightlights, the Elephant Night-night Light isn’t plugged into a wall socket. “The solar panel used to power the night light has been built into the back of a friendly sun shaped piece that requires attaching to a window that is exposed to sunlight,” explains Envirogadget. After charging during the day, the captured energy is used to power the LED tea light, which will begin to glow after dusk.

elephant nightlight

Image via Nigel's Eco Store

The Elephant Night-night Light is made of recycled steel. Once little ones have outgrown the glow of their diminutive guardian, the nightlight itself can be recycled. Along with a set of instructions, the Elephant Night-night Light is available for £25.99 and the cost of delivery.

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