Devotec Solar Sound 2: Solar Power Meets Wireless Speakers

Consumer technology company Devotec last year made headlines with the unveiling of the Solar Sound, portable speakers which could be powered via integrated solar panels. The company is now back with the successor to the Solar Sound, named aptly enough the Solar Sound 2.

The Solar Sound 2, like the original Solar Sound, is powered by the charging of its built-in lithium-ion 1600mAh battery via an integrated solar panel. Charging time using solar can be quite lengthy – 12 to 24 hours – so for those in a rush or who aren’t near sunlight, the battery can also be filled via USB or AC charging, which will power up these speakers fully in about four hours. Audio playback when going off of the battery along is said to be around 10 hours. Devotec also says that if the device is in sunlight enough energy can be generated for playback even if the battery is drained.

Devotec Solar Sound 2

image via Devotec

In its function as a portable speaker system, Devotec has built into the Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth wireless streaming audio support, meaning those whose cell phones or MP3 players support this wireless protocol for playing music can play tunes through the two 2-watt speakers sans wires. For those audio devices without Bluetooth support, a line in jack lets you connect an audio source for playback. Also built into the Solar Sound 2 system is a microphone for those with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones who want hands-free talking.

Devotec says that in redesigning the Solar Sound 2 it worked to enhance the audio quality, including support of a louder maximum volume and less distortion at higher volume levels. Sound quality reportedly is further enhanced by “the use of specialty woven speaker cones, silver plated oxygen free copper speaker cabling and a more efficient power circuit.”

Other features of the Devotec Solar Sound 2, which prices around $100, include line out support, an included 3.5mm retractable cord, touch screen style controls, an audio boost function, compact dimensions of 16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm and a weight of just 0.5 lbs. It comes with an AC/DC plug, charging cable and protective case.

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