Detroit Edison Seeing Strong Solar Growth With Incentives Program

Like so many other utilities around the country, Detroit Edison is working with its customers to figure out solutions that focus more on renewable energy such as solar. Detroit Edison’s program, called SolarCurrents, seems to be having a good amount of success in getting people involved, as it was announced recently more than $1 million has thus far been paid out in “photovoltaic installation incentives.”

Detroit Edison said that its SolarCurrents program, which started as a pilot just last year, has thus far seen 55 completed installations that represent about 250 kilowatts of renewable electric capacity. The utility is also currently considering another 200 applications that would add another 1,300 kilowatts. The program still has a lot of cash left in it to spend – $24 million in incentives, to be exact.


image via Jetson Green

What is behind the success of this particular program? While it isn’t entirely clear, the incentives Detroit Edison offers could have something to do with it. It currently give customers “50 percent of the value of the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) upon installation and 50 percent of the value of the remaining RECs as a credit on their bills for the next 20 years.” This, combined with net metering, federal tax credits and other incentives could potentially cover more than half of the cost of a new solar system.

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