Sunflower’s Sundolier Harvests A Whole Lot Of Solar Power

Remember what your parents said every time you left the door ajar in the winter? “Hey! We’re not paying to heat the outside!” An understandable request, and one that solar technology has upended. Pick up the phone, call Mom and Dad, and tell them about the Sundolier, a solar device that gathers solar energy and uses it to power your house.

Manufactured by Sunflower Corporation, a single Sundolier unit mounts to rooftops and harvests enough sunlight to single handedly illuminate a 1000- to 2500-square-foot area, according to Sunflower. As explained by Ubergizmo, the Sundolier uses “an active two-axis tracking mount with a couple of reflectors, making the entire setup look like one giant banana peel. All concentrated light is then reflected down a two foot tube, where it will be distributed via a ‘sun chandelier’,” a globe located inside the building using the Sundolier that pumps the Sundolier’s gathered energy inside.


Image via Sunflower Corp.

The Sundolier comes along at an opportune time: as of late, natural light has been a hot topic in the realm of green building. Studies demonstrate that retail sales, school grades, and productivity are all on the rise thanks to the cheeriness-inducing glow of sunlight, one that that cannot be duplicated by artificial lighting.

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