SoCal Affordable Housing Gets Solar Financing Boost

Sure, solar is great, if you can afford it–right? Borrego Solar Systems, Inc., and Sunwheel Energy Partners are challenging that notion with an announcement that they’ll be bringing more than 645 kW of solar energy to five affordable housing facilities across Southern California.

Borrego is no stranger to solar in the affordable housing sector, having installed more than three MW of solar energy at 30 different affordable housing sites. But money, of course, has always been an issue. Enter Sunwheel, which will be providing crucial financing and operational components for the new project through its power purchase agreement (PPA), which will allow the owners of affordable housing sites to implement solar energy systems without the up-front capital expenditure.


image via Sunwheel

The good news for those living in affordable housing in these five sites– including 41 buildings at the Creekside Apartments, a 185-unit affordable housing site in Cathedral City, California–is that household bills are likely to go down. The good new for the rest of us is that PPA’s like this for affordable housing complexes might catch on elsewhere, cutting US carbon emissions while helping those hardest hit by the recession.

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