IXYS Debuts Line Of Varied Solar Rechargeable Products

IXYS, Colorado-based makers of a broad range of semiconductors and other such techno stuff, would like you to know that they’ve just launched four new products: a solar rechargeable flashlight, solar battery charger, AC wall charger (for their rechargeables) and a personal alarm device. All of these gadgets (with the exception of the last) are integrated with IXYS Solar-Bit technology, which means they harvest sunlight or artificial light to provide power.

The batteries used in these devices–and available for use in other, non-IXYS products–are the lowest cost AA and AAA rechargeable batteries with a 1.5v rating, according to IXYS, and lack the heavy metals and “toxic chemistry” often associated with rechargeables while offering a wider temperature rating and lower self discharge rate. The new flashlight and personal alarm device featuring these batteries can harvest energy on the go (i.e., from the sun)–or you can pop out their rechargeables and charge them at home via either their solar charger or AC wall charger at home. You can also use their rechargeable batteries for use in all your other (non solar-harvesting) gadgets.


image via IXYS

“We have integrated our high efficiency Solar-Bit cells into these products to enable users to charge the batteries whenever sufficient light is available. The net results are reduced waste with more environmentally conscious materials, longer product operating times and lower overall cost to consumers,” commented Steve Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado, in a statement.

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