Dow Jones Goes Solar For Corporate Campus Energy Needs

Dow Jones & Company is taking the notion of investing in renewable energy to a whole new level today as it announced plans to construct a large-scale solar power installation at its New Jersey corporate offices. This 4.1-megawatt project, once completed at a future date, will reportedly be one of the largest installations for solar power at a single commercial site in the U.S.

Dow Jones said the project’s design calls for more than 13,000 solar panels covering nearly 230,000 square feet of parking space. It is said this system is expected to produce the equivalent of 5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year to power computers and related equipment and, at peak performance, will be capable of supplying half the site’s energy needs. It is believed that, on average, the system will supply nearly 15% of the campus’s energy needs over a typical year.

Dow Jones Solar

image via Dow Jones

“Investing in solar power confirms our commitment to environmental responsibility.  Dow Jones wants to be one of the companies making a difference,” said Les Hinton, chief executive of Dow Jones, in a statement. “Solar power is a renewable reminder that clean energy is possible and that responsible businesses can make it happen.”

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