Concept Solar Travel Idea Uses Monorail Pods To Cart Users Away

Commuters who favor trains have the right idea: barring a few scattered delays, they don’t have to fuss with inching their way through traffic jams, and the best part? No driving required. It’s obviously impossible to agree with that sentiment if such a form of public transportation isn’t available in your area, but if Michigan-based designer Dave Owsen has his way, that lack of availability may change in the not-so-distant future.

Mr. Owsen has conceived a private method of transportation that sees pods, or “cells”, suspended from an elevated monorail. Similar to cars in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report film, users would enter a cell, choose a destination, and sit back and relax while the cell gently carries users to their preselected terminus. Every transport cell would be equipped with photovoltaics, which would generate renewable energy to provide power to the system.

urban transport

Image via Dave Owsen

Each cell contains two seats that face one another, allowing for two adult passengers or one adult and two children. “One side of the narrow cell has a sliding door that opens to let the passengers in and out,” reports Inhabitat. “The opposite wall is stationary and contains a touch-screen interface to select the route and destination.” Owsen also intends to employ cargo cells, allowing for easy business-to-business shipping of cargo.

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