Chinese Intelligent Solar Pest Killer Zaps Them Dead Eco Style?

It looks like some sort of strange outdoor his and hers bathroom sink arrangement with a solar panel for a mirror. What it actually is, is very cool: a simple system for zapping garden bugs without pesticides or grid-tied electricity.

The Intelligent Solar Pest Killer (which comes to us by way of Red Ferret) uses two 18V/12W solar panels and a lead acid battery to attract bugs with light (presumably at night) then zap them, by means of electromagnetic waves. One unit can keep a whopping 50 acres clear of bugs, making this an ideal item for serious organic farmers, for whom the $996.00 price tag is likely to be recouped directly at harvest time.


image via Red Ferret

Oh, and the folks who make this solar bug-zapping wonder, Fuwaysun Technology Company, would like you to know that their product “enjoys [a] high reputation in China,” where it has been designated as an approved pest-killer product for organic agriculture by the Agriculture Department of Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province, Shan’xi Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangxi Province, Qinghai Province, etc., has been awarded a Gold Medal at the 6th Hong Kong International Patented Invention Expo and and “is viewed as a famous brand in China by [the] China Light Product Quality Control Center.”

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