Tiny Glucowizard Diabetes Monitor Uses Solar Energy For Power

Diabetics have enough to worry about without adding the rather masochistic approach of intentionally pricking their fingers several times a day to monitor glucose levels. Seeking to eliminate pain and blood from the glucose monitoring equation, manufacturer Biorasis has developed the Glucowizzard, a tiny monitor that utilizes solar power instead of needles.

According to Biorasis, the Glucowizzard, which is approximately the size of a grain of rice, is implanted beneath the user’s skin using an 18-inch hypodermic needle. Never fear: that needle is the last you’ll be required to use for quite some time. Using an enzyme that reacts to glucose levels in the user’s bloodstream, “the enzyme frees electrons in a number proportionate to the glucose level,” explains Inhabitat, and a running log of data is sent to a wristband that juices up the sensor’s photovoltaic cells by sending pulses of flashing light through the skin.” Should sugar levels be above recommended levels, the user is alerted.

glucowizard monitor

Image via Inhabitat

Unfortunately, the Glucowizzard has awhile to go before becoming commercially available. Clinical trials begin in two years, and researchers at the University of Connecticut estimate a 2017 release date for the device.

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