Sunward Solar Hot Water System A Weekend DIY Project?

Most self-professed handymen couldn’t unclog a drain in an entire weekend, let alone install an entire hot water system for their entire home. But that’s exactly what Sunward is giving these same handymen the chance to do via the Sunward Solar Hot Water System, which the company insists can be installed in a single weekend, if not faster.

Touting the Solar Hot Water System as “plug and play,” a news release issued by Sunward explains that “the complete solar hot water system installs in a single weekend by anyone with basic skills (professional plumber required for the final hookup), works in any climate and cuts household energy bills by up to $800 per year.” If prospective users need more incentive than ease of installation, Sunward goes on to say that the system — including shipping and installation — qualifies consumers for a 30 percent federal tax credit, made possible by the $80 billion allocated for green initiatives covered under Recovery Act of 2009. Sunward’s website contains further information about tax incentives.

sunward solar hot water system

Image via Sunward

Able to function in any climate, the Sunward Solar Hot Water System captures the sun’s heat through roof- or ground-mounted solar panels. The captured heat is transferred and stored in a solar storage tank, which is connected to a home’s existing hot water supply. Designed to supply most of the year’s hot water, the traditional water supply will only kick in when the Sunward system becomes taxed, such as during particularly chilly winter days.

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