Intivation Solar Technology Finds Its Way Into ZTE Mobile Phone

Intivation’s SunBoost technology, utilized in its Solar Egg portable charger, allows the Egg to reach just over 90 percent battery charge after only four hours of exposure to average sunlight. If such technology proved a boon to those who use portable devices often enough to require multiple charges a week, why not incorporate it into a mobile device as well?

The ZTE S316 Solar Phone is a byproduct of that very idea. Incorporating the SunBoost on a small chip found within the phone, the “low-cost solar handset has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Color screen, GSM, SMS, LED torch and FM/AM radio,” according to Intivation. The propensity of cell phones to get bumped, scraped, and bashed while tucked away in pockets and backpacks provides no impediment to the S316’s functionality, as the body has been engineered for durability in addition to being environmentally friendly.

zte phone

Image via Green Diary

A global provider of network solutions and telecommunications equipment, ZTE is one of many providers looking to perpetuate Intivation’s SunBoost technology. According to Green Diary, the Intivation-manufactured chip that employs SunBoost will be distributed to any mobile phone manufacturers eager to add the versatile and eco-friendly tech to their repertoire.

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