Puma Roars Away With New Solar Powered Smartphone

Puma, the large German sports apparel manufacturer, is getting itself into the mobile phone space in Europe in a green way. The company has partnered with Sagem Wireless, a maker of “connected lifestyle devices,” to unveil the Puma Phone. What makes it so eco-friendly you ask? The integrated solar panel on the backside of the mobile for charging it.

The Puma Phone mobile, according to Puma, is an “active smartphone.” What that means, we think, is that the phone is targeted towards those engaged in an active lifestyle. One imagines slobs sitting around on their laptops all day typing stories will enjoy this phone as well. Key features on this device, which will be available beginning in March, include a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, integrated 3.2-megapixel digital camera, pedometer, GPS tracker, stopwatch and a “spin and scratch music player and integrated radio.” No details were available on how long it will take for the built-in solar panel to charge the phone.

Puma Phone

image via Puma

“Just as Puma is unlike any other sportlifestyle company out there, the Puma Phone is unlike any mobile phone on the market,” said Jochen Zeitz, CEO of Puma, in a statement. “We want to engage with our community in a way that is consistent with everything PUMA stands for. Blending together the influences of sport, lifestyle and fashion, the Puma Phone reflects the joy, spontaneity and individuality that the Puma brand is known for.”

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