SolarWind Turbine Offers The Best Of Both Green Worlds

There’s good evidence that the double helix is a smart design. (After all, if Mother Nature chose this shape for our DNA, there have to be some real advantages, right?) An ingenious new device from Bluenergy USA makes use of the same design to harvest electricity from the elements with the SolarWind Turbine, which combines solar panels with a wind turbine in a design even a Homeowners Association could love.

The Bluenergy SolarWind Turbine is a helical wind generator covered with photovoltaic cells. When the sun is shining, it’s collecting energy. When the wind is blowing up (up to 90 mph) it’s also collecting energy. Since both modes rely on changeable conditions (i.e., weather) the combination makes perfect sense: whatever is happening outside your window, you can rest assured that it’s powering your house (or whatever else you may have connected to it.)

image via Greentech Gazette

image via Greentech Gazette

The best part is, both technologies converge in this design into something you could actually call aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a kinetic sculpture, of sorts, albeit with a very practical function: providing clean, green electricity, under just about any conditions.

Bluenergy SolarWind Turbine [via Greentech Gazette]

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