Solar Bluetooth GPS Offers Eco Navigation (Sort Of)

Is it cool? Yes. Is it likely to cut your carbon footprint? Well…maybe. The new Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS receiver from fTech is probably not going to replace some other, AC-only device you already have, but as far as replacing that old map and compass in the Great Outdoors, it looks like an excellent candidate.

The fTech GPS receiver comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery good for 20 hours on a charge; add in the on board solar panel for recharging on the move, and it’s good for more like 30. The receiver works both outdoors and indoors (in case you happen to get lost at your local SuperMegaMart, for example), and can track GPS signals down to -158dBm.

image via Eco Gadgets

image via Eco Gadgets


An LED indicator flashes red when your position is fixed and blue to alert you concerning a connection.  The Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS receiver features 51 channel MediaTek receiver, 1Hz max update frequency and 45mA power consumption.

Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS receiver [via Eco Gadgets]

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