New Solar Water Purifier Can Purify Seawater, Among Others

According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water–and in the decades to come, many experts predict that water will become more valuable than oil. Which makes a recent innovation from SwissINSO Holding Inc. extremely significant: a new solar water purifier that can purify not just dirty water, but brackish water and seawater as well.

How does this product work? The company isn’t saying, exactly, noting only that the product is powered by solar energy and capitalizes on “cost-effective and cutting-edge patented technologies,” including a form of reverse osmosis membrane filtration. The SwissINSO solar water purifier is available in a number of configurations that can purify nearly 26,500 gallons/day of seawater, over 52,800 gallons/day of brackish water and over 132,000 gallons/day of spoiled water.

images via SwissINSO

images via SwissINSO

According to SwissINSO, these solar purification units are self-contained in two 40 ft. containers and can be fitted with an optional automatic bottling line, powered by photovoltaic panels that charge solar storage batteries for operation at night. The company sees applications ranging from providing water to populations stricken by humanitarian crises to resorts on remote islands. According to a statement, the company is currently building its distribution network worldwide.

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