Energizer Goes Crazy For Solar With Lots of New Gear

Energizer is roaring into 2010 with a boatload of new solar-related products for consumers seeking greener pastures for high tech. These items include a couple of portable solar chargers, some solar lights and some solar panel kits. One of the biggest names in regular batteries seems to have been bitten by the solar bug at the Consumer Electronics Show indeed.

The two portable solar chargers Energizer is showcasing are part of its Energi To Go line of portable charging devices. The Energizer SP 1000 sports a power capacity of 1000 mAh and is capable of charging portable devices in about six hours using solar power. The new SP 2000, meanwhile, offers a higher power capacity of 2000 mAh while sporting three solar panels.


image via Energizer

Adding to these portable solar chargers are several solar kits designed for more robust power solutions for RVs, cabins and appliances. These are joined by an array of portable solar lighting solutions, including a solar folding lantern, solar spot light and a solar flashlight which also sports a hand crank in case the sun isn’t out (like, you know, nighttime).

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