Cheap, Printable Li-Polymer Solar Energy Storage?

It’s cheap, flexible, stores energy and is easy to produce. Sound like science fiction? According to Ecofriend, it will soon be science fact: a lithium polymer battery that can be manufactured with printing technology.

Researchers at the Advanced Materials Innovation Center (AMIC) of Mie Industry and Enterprise Support Center (MIESC), a foundation out of Japan, are currently at work on a sheet-shaped battery designed to be used with a flexible solar battery or display. Integrated with a solar battery formed on a flexible substrate, this battery technology promises something very cool indeed: solar power generation and storage, all on the same super-versatile sheet.

image via TechOn

image via TechOn

TechOn reports that because the battery is designed to be manufactured using printing technology, it can be reduced in thickness, increased in area and even laminated–and when combined with a roll-to-roll production method, at a low cost. (As far as storage capacity goes, there’s no word yet.)

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