Solar Powered Electric Car Charging Station Debuts in NYC

Electric cars require charging stations to extend their range during the day. One problem faced with charging stations is that, depending upon where they are located, you have to build electrical infrastructure to deliver power to them to power the vehicles. A more self contained solution, such as one drawing power from the sun, is already being tested in Europe. Now comes news of one here in the United States.

Beautiful Earth Group, a New York-based sustainable energy company, said today “it has built New York’s first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station.” This station, located “on an industrial lot near the company’s headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn, overlooking New York Harbor and downtown Manhattan,” is currently being used to fully charge the company’s 100% electric MINI E. It takes about three hours to charge, according to Beautiful Earth Group, and has a range of just over 100 miles per charge.

image via Inhabitat

image via Inhabitat

This particular solar charging station is “off-grid, modular, constructed with recycled, decommissioned steel shipping containers and entirely powered by state-of-the-art Sharp 235 watt photovoltaic panels.” It has a capacity of about six kilowatts, said to produce enough energy to power a small home, and “its battery bank stores electricity 24/7 for on-demand usage.” While this station is being used to “showcase urban sustainable energy solutions in New York City,” it is easy to envision these spreading out across the nation as electric car adoption rates increase.

Beautiful Earth Group [via Inhabitat]

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