Shade Structure Does Double Duty as Solar Harvester

Those who like to use their patios a lot sometimes install a shade structure to cut down on sunlight beating down on their heads. Why not, in addition to shading out that sunlight, see if you can capture it as well to turn it into energy for your home? That is the idea behind the Solaranda.

The Solaranda, developed by EnergyPro and distributed by GWS Technologies, “is a shade structure that integrates solar photovoltaic panels into the roof structure to provide both shade and electricity for a home or business.” It is available in six different sizes, each offering an increasing number of solar panels. Total energy output, depending upon structure size, ranges from 1.08 kilowatts to 6.48.

image via Energy Pro

image via Energy Pro

Additional, optional features of the Solaranda can include being tied to the power grid or using batteries to store energy for later usage, various beam end designs, six different color options, a choice of post options and a rain water harvest collection system.This structure can also qualify for solar purchasing incentives, depending upon the state the owner lives in.

Solaranda [via press release]

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