Urban Commuter Trike Concept Is Solar Powered Funky

So what’s your excuse for not riding your bike? If it’s the effort it takes to complete your daily commute, a funky little three-wheeled solar number called the Infinity Urban Commuter Trike aims to change that.

A new concept vehicle by designer Tim Tobola, the Infinity Urban Commuter Trike is a conventional/electric hybrid bike featuring solar panels that can recharge the on board batteries in just 2 hours. According to the designer, a full charge will give you 20-30 miles of ride time; after that, you can switch to good old fashioned pedal power. The front wheels of the Trike are weight sensitive, allowing the rider to shift directions easily and intuitively.

image via Tim Tobola

image via Tim Tobola

The head-turning design of the Infinity Urban Commuter Trike allows it to fold up easily, making it easy to tow behind you like a piece of luggage, or to lock and charge up on the bike rack while you’re inside at work.

Urban Commuter Trike [via Ecofriend]

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