Taking a Peek at the Regen Reverb Solar Powered Speaker

Regen is a new consumer electronics company getting a lot of attention at the moment because of its innovative Renu solar panel module which collects electricity from solar energy for use in several different accessory scenarios. Another product the company is more quietly pushing to market right now though is cool in its own right – the Reverb solar speaker.

The Regen Reverb solar speaker, due out in April 2010, looks much like any other well designed, high end speaker which would fit nicely in one’s urban condo. It stands a little over 35-inches tall, with a thin diameter of 7.5-inches. It generates sound equal to that of a regular 60-watt speaker and sports stereo drivers and a sub-woofer. Power to the speaker can be done via a regular AC adapter, but since its manufacturer does solar technology, the Reverb is primarily designed to be run via energy collected through its integrated solar panel.

image via Regen

image via Regen

The Reverb’s solar photovoltaic panel is built into the back of the speaker and collects solar power to store in the built-in lithium iron phosphate battery. Fully charging this battery takes between 20-40 hours, depending on the level of interior or exterior light. This charge allows for loud volume playback of up to 4.5 hours or normal level playback of at least 12 hours. A quick charge option of three to six hours for shorter normal playback time exists as well.

While the Reverb can play audio from any regular audio device plugged into it, it seems to be specifically geared for the iPod or iPhone via an integrated dock. Built-in controls allow for audio choice selection, play/pause and volume, while a display on the front side of the speaker provides information on the “amount of power remaining in its battery, how much energy has been gathered over time and how satisfied it is with the user’s power generation and consumption habits.”

Pricing of the Regen Reverb is set for around $2,300.


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