A Solarbag That Works “Every Day, Every Weather, Everywhere”

Solar enthusiasts who’ve had to take a “rain check” on sustainable gadget-charging now have a reason to rejoice: the Sunnybag Business Pro shoulder bag from Leoben, Austria, which claims to work “every day, every weather, everywhere.” The company has spent the last 14 months in research and development for the product and plans to move into production this month.

Offering three watts of power output for cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs, the Sunnybag Business Pro charges gadgets with two flexible photo-voltaic solar panels attached to an internal high-efficiency LI-Ion battery pack. Charging occurs while you walk or leave the bag laying in a ray of light indoors or in your car. The bag is styled in brown leather and includes connectors to more than 400 different mobile phones, as well as to the iPhone 2G- 3GS, iPod, and devices requiring a USB-port.

image via Sunnybag

image via Sunnybag

Ing. Stefan Ponsold, project leader of research and development for the Sunnybag Business Pro said, in a statement, “our solarbags are more than a fashion statement, they are a personal statement about a commitment to sustainability, sensibility, and responsibility.” The bags are slated to retail worldwide at $299 USD.

Sunnybag [via press release]

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