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solar power at oregon universities

Solar Power To Light Up Oregon Universities

Here’s a bit of a surprise: The nation’s largest public university solar power project is happening in a state known for its rain. The Oregon University System has broken ground on what’s said to be the state’s largest solar photovoltaic… Read More
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Solar Shines On California Public Housing

The nation’s largest solar photovoltaic installation on a government-sponsored affordable housing project was recently unveiled in Santa Barbara County. The ambitious project encompasses 21 sites around the coastal California county, with installations involving 250 separate structures, five municipal permitting jurisdictions… Read More
Elektra One, Solar Airplanes, SolarWorld, PC Aero, Germany, Oregon

Solar Airplane Called Elektra One Debuts

SolarWorld, an Oregon-based manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels, along with German business partner PC Aero, has unveiled its new solar airplane called the Elektra One for U.S. consumers. We first reported on the Elektra One project earlier this year after… Read More
largest residential solar power installation in U.S., SolarWorld

Home Solar On Steroids Powers Calif. Estate

A modest home solar-power system might have peak output of 1.5-kilowatts (kW). Stepping up to 5 kW, you can “completely meet the energy needs of many conventional homes,” the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says. That puts into perspective, we hope,… Read More
Vestas Headquarters, Portland, SolarWorld solar power system

Solar Panels To Power Wind Company HQ

So is SolarWorld going to install a wind turbine now? It only seems fair, after the announcement that a 112-kilowatt photovoltaic system by SolarWorld – “the largest roof-mounted solar array in Portland’s central business district,” the company said – will… Read More

Multiple Solar Technologies Tested At College

An interesting new solar project is now under way at Arizona Western College (AWC) located in Yuma, AZ. The project involves five different types of solar power generation technology, each provided by a different manufacturer and each designed to provide… Read More

Solar Power Canopy At Cincinnati Zoo Big

We’ve seen solar systems installed on the roofs of public buildings and parking structures before-the parking garage at Long Beach City College is a good example-but this is the one of earliest instances that we’ve seen of a completed solar… Read More