Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Missouri

Finding the Best Missouri Solar Panel Installers

Find the best Missouri solar company for your needs from our directory of local solar panel installers below or save time and get free quotes from multiple Missouri installers to find out how you can go solar today.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Missouri?

Do you want to know how much solar panels may cost you to buy and install in Missouri?
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Compare Missouri Solar Panel Installers

View our list of Missouri solar panel installers below or get quotes from multiple companies to find the best deal.

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ArrowPoint Solar

227 Downing St #4

Nixa, MO, Missouri 65714
Solera Energy LLC

1725 N Packer Rd

Springfield, MO, Missouri 65803
Missouri Solar Solutions

365 Dover Drive

Holts Summit, MO, Missouri 65043
Green Leaf Solar

1406 B Lakeview Ave

Columbia, MO, Missouri 65201
Dogwood Solar

1501 Creekwood Pkwy #110

Columbia, MO, Missouri 65202
EFS Energy

1283 Research Blvd

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63132
RisingSun Solar

3525 Roanoke Rd Suite 110

Kansas City, MO, Missouri 64111
Exceptional Electric

101 W Argonne Dr #182

Kirkwood, MO, Missouri 63122
The Alternative Energy Company

2733 E. Battlefield Rd. #246

Springfield, MO, Missouri 65804
SolarWind Energy Systems

332 Cobblestone Drive

Seymour, MO, Missouri 65746
Power Source Solar

3718E.Ponderosa Ln

Springfield, MO, Missouri 65803
Missouri Sun Solar

6724 S. Highway 63

Houston, MO, Missouri 65483
Son Solar Systems LLC

6300 Claysville Rd

Hartsburg, MO, Missouri 65039
Missouri Valley Renewable Energy

2378 Berkemeyer Road

Hermann, MO, Missouri 65041
Dogwood Solar

1001 Fay St

Columbia, MO, Missouri 65201
Ozark Energy Services

10633 Foliage Rd

Joplin, MO, Missouri 64804
Son Solar Systems

6300 E. Claysville Rd

Hartsburg, MO, Missouri 65039

1617 Main Street

Kansas City, MO, Missouri 64108
KC Solar Energy

6219 North Oak Trafficway

Kansas City, MO, Missouri 64118
Certified Solar

928 Arbor Green Dr

St. Charles, MO, Missouri 63304
Sunsmart Technologies

1280 Liberty Street

Kansas, MO, Missouri 64102
Certified Solar Solutions

2428 Hwy 94 South Outer Rd

Saint Charles, MO, Missouri 63303
Dxtech Energy Systems

17 Oliver avenue

Saint Louis, MO, Missouri 63135
Straightup Solar

9100 Midland Blvd.

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63114
Earth First Solar

1283 Research Blvd

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63132
Bola Energy

2401 South 12th st

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63104
Microgrid Energy

2 N. Meramec Avenue | Floor 2

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63105
Microgid Energy

14 S. Central Ave Suite 200

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63105
Mid-America Electric

5950 Old State Road

Imperial, MO, Missouri 63052
LightFire Partners

3016 Locust St

St. Louis, MO, Missouri 63103
Synergy Energy

105 Ford Lane

Hazelwood, MO, Missouri 63042
The Energy Team in Missouri

700 Q Crown Industrial Court

Saint Louis, MO, Missouri 63005

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment in 2021?

That is a great question! In a word, absolutely. In fact, with installation costs dropping over 60% since 2010, solar is a better investment than ever before!

And while the price of solar technology continues to drop, the price of utility electricity continues to go up. In the last 15 years, utility rates have increased an average of 2.9% each year.

That is actually the main crux of solar savings. You pay a one-time fee (ie your installation cost) to install solar and you are then able to avoid those utility price hikes - as well as the current high utility prices - for the next 25 years.

Obviously, some states have much higher utility rates than in other states, so solar savings will be greatest in those states, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision in other areas.

Generally speaking, savings follows utility costs, but on average the lifetime solar savings for many homeowners is between $12k and $32k. That is a lot of money saved!

How much can you save by installing solar panels on your home? It is easy to find out. Simply get a free quote and see how much you can save by going solar today!