Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Texas

Finding the Best Texas Solar Panel Installers

Find the best Texas solar company for your needs from our directory of local solar panel installers below or save time and get free quotes from multiple Texas installers to find out how you can go solar today.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Texas?

Do you want to know how much solar panels may cost you to buy and install in Texas?
Use our simple solar panel cost calculator below to get an estimate of solar installation costs in Texas.

How to Find the Best Solar Installation Companies in Texas

With 300 solar installers, finding the best solar companies in Texas is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack.

But we’ve got you covered.

Texas probably isn’t the first place you think of for solar energy.

The state has low electricity prices, no state-wide net metering program, and no state tax credits, so it can seem much harder to save money going solar in Texas than in states like California or Arizona, where homeowners have high electricity prices, net metering, and a few rebates lingering around.

But that’s not the whole story. With the state’s sunny skies and the federal tax credit, rooftop solar is still a great way to save money.

The state ranks 6th in the country for most solar, with 30 GW installed – that’s enough to power almost half a million homes!

As of 2021, there are 275 solar installers operating in Texas, so finding the best solar companies in the state can be difficult.

The best way to get started is to get multiple quotes from local Texas installers – for free – from our trusted partner marketplace:

Average Texas Home Solar Installation Costs

Installation costs in Texas are far lower than most states. Installing solar in the Lonestar State costs just $2.80 per watt, about 6% lower than the national average. A 6% difference probably doesn’t sound like much, but that’s about $1,100 in savings for an average-sized installation.

Thanks to this low installation cost, as well as the state’s clear skies and the 30% federal tax credit, solar saving are pretty good, even with the low electricity prices. Take a look below for cost and savings estimates for some common solar installation sizes:

System Size $/watt Cost Total Cost Total Cost (with ITC) Total Savings
6 kW $2.80 per watt $16,800 $11,760 $20,125
10 kW $2.80 per watt $28,000 $19,600 $33,542
15 kW $2.80 per watt $42,000 $29,400 $50,314

You can see that bigger installations can help save you more money, so you might be tempted to go as big as possible. However, most homeowners generally try to cover 80% to 100% of their energy use with their solar installation, so your installation size is dependent on your energy use. Look at the chart and you’ll also notice just how powerful the federal tax credit (aka the ITC) is at lowering your installation costs. This credit begins phasing out at the end of 2019, so make a move quickly if you want to take advantage of this powerful incentive!

The 3 best solar installation companies in Texas

Like we mentioned, Texas has almost 300 solar installers. To help you out, we looked at dozens of companies and narrowed our list down to just three, based on customer experience, customer service, and equipment:

  • NRG Clean Power: Most Experienced
  • Longhorn Solar: Best Customer Service
  • Freedom Solar Power: Best Equipment

NRG Clean Power: Most Experienced

Quick Look: 4,000 installations, founded in 2000, 40-year workmanship warranty

While we generally try to find local companies to recommend on our lists, we just couldn’t overlook NRG Clean Power. While based in California, NRG also installs in Bexar and Travis Counties in Texas, which covers Austin and San Antonio.

NRG has been around since 2000 – a veritable dinosaur in the solar industry – and in that time has installed 4,000 residential installation and 150 commercial installations, making them one of the most experienced installers working in Texas.

While we named NRG the most experienced solar installer on our list, they’re equally deserving of ‘best warranty’, ‘best variety of offerings’, and maybe even ‘best customer service’.

NRG Clean Power offers a staggering 40-year workmanship warranty – the longest we’ve ever seen by a good 15 years. They’re an authorized Panasonic Dealer, which makes some of the most efficient panels on the market. They also install HVAC, insulation, roofing, windows, attic fans, and more – so they’re your one-stop-shop for both solar and efficiency upgrades.

All of these offerings and the company is still able to give out great customer service, as evidenced by the hundreds of 5-star reviews across a variety of platforms. Look no further for one of the most well-respected, experienced companies in the state.

Longhorn Solar: Best Customer Service

Quick Look: 1,850 installations, founded in 2009, 25-year workmanship warranty

With offices in Austin, Plano, and San Antonio, Longhorn Solar is all Texan. They’re also one of the best reviewed solar installers in the whole state.

While other companies install insulation or roofing, Longhorn focuses exclusively on solar. Their electricians are all on staff and the company claims to have more NABCEP-certified employees than any other installer in Texas. With so much training, customers repeatedly report that Longhorn’s staff is knowledgeable and communicative, while their systems are well designed to produce the right amount of electricity.

Longhorn also offers a 25-year workmanship warranty for its installations, on top of the product warranties for the solar panels and inverter.

Considering its excellent customer reputation, highly-trained workforce, and long-term warranties, Longhorn is hard to beat using any yard stick.

Freedom Solar Power: Best Equipment

Quick Look: 3,000 installations, founded in 2003, Sunpower dealer

Freedom Solar Power is headquartered in Austin, but has offices in San Antonio, Arlington, and Houston. Since starting in 2003, the company has installed 3,000 residential installations and 150 commercial installations, including at Whole Foods, Office Depot, and the University of Texas.

With close to two decades of experience, Freedom Solar has the long history and deep experience you want from a solar company.

They are also a Sunpower premier dealer, which makes the most efficient solar panels on the market. On top of that, Freedom also installs Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge inverters, the two most efficient inverter products on the market, and energy storage systems from Tesla and sonnen, a well-respected German manufacturer.

Freedom has hand-picked some of the most efficient solar products on the market, ensuring your installation will not only produce as much electricity as possible, but also last as long as possible, as these companies offer some of the longest product guarantees in the industry. Both Sunpower and Enphase, for example, offer 25-year product guarantees, as opposed to the industry standard of 10-15 years.

And like the other installers above, Freedom Solar Power offers a long-term workmanship warranty for all its installation, at 25 years.

How to Choose a Solar Installer in Texas

When choosing a solar installer, always remember to talk to several installers about your project, but also their equipment, experience, and history. Here are a few tips to help you find the best solar companies in Texas.

Compare quotes

If you’re only going to do one single thing in your whole installation process, let it be this: talk to multiple installers. Your neighbor might have had the best experience in her life going solar with one company, but other installers might have better customer service, better equipment, or better prices – or even a mix of all three.

Some companies have far more collective knowledge and experience than others, so cast a wide net at the beginning of your search. Whether you’re looking for the lowest price or the best equipment, talking to at least three solar companies will provide you with a much better understanding of your equipment and cost options so you can move forward confident in your choice of installer.


To install solar in Texas, installers must be licensed electrical contractors, not a general contractor.

While this ensures your chosen solar company can install a safe, functioning solar installation, it doesn’t necessarily mean the installer understands the intricacies of solar equipment or that the system will be as efficient as possible. That’s why it’s so important to reach out to multiple installers to assess their experience and knowledge.

If you’re planning to enroll in a net metering program or receive utility rebates for your installation, most utilities require you to choose an installer from their pre-approved list. Before moving forward, make sure that your potential installers are already listed on your utility’s list of approved service providers, which can typically be found online.


Texas homeowners benefit from low solar installation costs, which help lower your installation costs and increase your lifetime solar savings – an important consideration since Texas homeowners have additional few incentives to help lower those installation costs further.

While finding the best price is important when choosing a solar company, it’s not the only consideration. You also need to assess each company’s experience (How many installations have they performed? How long have they been in business?) as well as available equipment.

Comparing costs, experience, and equipment of each installer will help ensure you install the system with the best value, not just the lowest cost.

Financing options in Texas

Texas homeowners can pay for their installations in cash, with a loan, or via a Power Purchase Agreement.


If you want the best return on your solar investment, try to pay in cash. You’ll need to invest pretty heavily, as an average system requires about $18k, but you’ll also see the greatest return on your investment over the life of the installation – far more than financing with a loan or PPA.

And of course, you’re not on your own. The 30% federal tax credit and state-wide property tax exemption help lower the cost of your installation during the very first year.


If you can’t or don’t want to invest that money upfront, consider taking out a loan to pay for your installation. Solar companies tend to have a preferred lender that specializes in green energy, but you should call up a few local credit unions as well, as some offer special solar loans and you can pay for your installation with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or Home Equity Loan (HEL). Credit unions can offer pretty low interest rates as well.

By financing your installation with a loan, your total lifetime financial savings will be smaller than simply paying in cash, but loans can still be a great investment as long as you lock in a good interest rate and loan term.

Before moving forward with any solar company, call up a few credit unions to see what terms they offer. And don’t forget to ask your potential installers what financing options they offer.

Power Purchase Agreement

Along with the solar lease, Power Purchase Agreements (or PPAs) helped the solar industry explode back in the last 2000s, as solar was still too expensive for most to pay in cash and leases/PPAs allowed homeowners to avoid paying that high cost.

The cost of solar has dropped about 60% since 2010, so purchasing in cash is now much more feasible that it once was. On top of that, more homeowners now understand the benefits of owning your own system, which includes receiving all the tax credits directly and much higher energy savings.

Because of this, leases and PPAs have continually fallen in popularity since about 2015, replaced by solar ownership (via cash or loan). If you’re looking to see the biggest financial return from your solar installation, skip the PPA and opt to own your system instead.

Financial Incentives, rebates and tax credits In Texas

Texas homeowners have a few incentives to help drop the price of installing solar, including the granddaddy of them all, the federal tax credit.

Federal Tax Credit

Like homeowners across the US, Texans installing solar are eligible for the federal tax credit, also known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit. This credit is calculated at 26% of the cost of your solar installation and you’ll apply for the credit the tax season directly following your installation.

The credit is non-refundable, but if you don’t owe enough in a single year to take advantage of the full credit, you can break it down into smaller increments and claim portions over several years.

Property Tax Exemption

All Texas homeowners are exempt from paying property taxes on the additional value that solar adds to your home. The average property tax in the state is 1.86%, so adding a $20,000 solar installation to your home would save you $372 in the first year alone!

Of course, this exemption decreases as your installation gets older, but Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the entire US, so it’s still a great incentive.

Local Rebates

About 10 municipal utilities in Texas still offer rebates for residential solar installations.

Austin Energy, for example, offers $2,500 rebates for homeowners that take their solar education course and install a solar installation at least 2.5 kW in size. CPS Energy in San Antonio also offers $2,500 per installation, with an additional $500 premium for projects that use locally-made panels.

The Cities of Denton, San Marcos, and Sunset Valley all offer rebates of $750, $1000, and $1000 per kW respectively, with a maximum amount between $2,500 and $3,100. The highest rebate in the state comes from AEP Texas, which offers $600 per kW, up to $6,000.

If you’re a customer of a municipal utility, your installer will know if your installer offers any solar incentives – and they’ll make you aware of it pretty quickly.

State Solar Policy Information

Texas solar policy is unique, and it’s all thanks to Texas’ electricity market, which it restructured back in 2002.

Texas has a deregulated electricity market. In Texas’ deregulated market, local utilities (called TDUs, or Transmission & Distribution Utilities) control and manage the grid infrastructure (the wires and poles), but you’re free to purchase electricity from any company selling power in the Texas electricity marketplace. It’s designed to lower electricity prices by introducing competition into the energy market.

Why is this important to your solar installation? Texas has no state-wide net metering regulations, so it’s left up to energy providers to decide if they want to offer net metering.

Different providers will provide different net metering benefits. In Houston for example, Green Mountain Energy, TXU Energy, and Reliant all offer bill credits for any excess solar electricity sent to the grid.

However, as net metering regulations aren’t standardized on the state level, you’ll need to discuss these net metering options with your installer before moving forward, since some credit amounts can fluctuate month to month, while others are fixed amounts.

No matter your electricity provider, you’ll need to submit an interconnection agreement to your provider (which they’ll share with your TDU) to connect your installation to the grid.

An important note: Not all Texas homeowners live in an area with a competitive electricity market. In some areas, municipal utilities and electric co-ops still own and manage both the electricity generation and transmission infrastructure. As such, if net metering is available, these organizations will offer it directly. Austin Energy, El Paso Electric, and CPS Energy San Antonio all offer net metering.

Ready to go solar? Get multiple quotes from local Texas installers.

Compare Texas Solar Panel Installers

View our list of Texas solar panel installers below or get quotes from multiple companies to find the best deal.

Showing 1 - 100 of 122
ARP Services

480 S Americas Ave Ste A6

El Paso, TX, Texas 79907
Border Solar

7365 Remcon Circle

El Paso, TX, Texas 79912
Streamline energy

11801 Domain Blvd 3rd floor

Austin, TX, Texas 78758
Mechanical Technologies

211 N Cotton St

El Paso, TX, Texas 79901
Longhorn Solar

1905B Kramer Ln #600

Austin, TX, Texas 78758
NATiVE Solar

8201 S Congress Ave

Austin, TX, Texas 78745
512 Solar

1250 South Capital of Texas Highway Bldg 3 Suite 400

Austin, TX, Texas 78746
Freedom Solar

4801 Freidrich Ln Suite 100

Austin, TX, Texas 78744
Greenbelt Solar

4808 Broken Bow Pass

Austin, TX, Texas 78745
Wells Solar

3900 Drossett Dr

Austin, TX, Texas 78744
Now Energy LLC

5214 Burleson Rd Suite 405

Austin, TX, Texas 78744
Build NATiVE

201 Cole St

Austin, TX, Texas 78737
Envirosolar Power

1301 S IH 35 Frontage Rd #305

Austin, TX, Texas 78741
Greenstar Power LLC

8701 W Parmer Ln

Austin, TX, Texas 78729
DKD Energy

7500 rialto BLVD BLDG 1 Suite 250

Austin, TX, Texas 78735
Axis Solar

3001 S Lamar Blvd #240

Austin, TX, Texas 78704
Texas Energy Experts

6001 W Parmer Ln #370

Austin, TX, Texas 78727
Rosendin Electric

1033 Meister Ln

Pflugerville, TX, Texas 78660
Lighthouse Solar

2000 S 7th St

Austin, TX, Texas 78704

3701 N McColl Rd

McAllen, TX, Texas 78501

395 Co Rd 202 #13B

Kyle, TX, Texas 78640
JLen Events

826 Peg Oak

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78258
Solar Electric Texas

1874 Grandstand Dr

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78238
Will Power Solar

10738 Braun Rd

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78254
JSW Diversified

7341 Caribou St

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78238
CAM Solar

6631 Topper Run

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78233
Smartworld Energy

2800 NE Interstate 410 Loop #302

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78218
Total Solar Solutions

3463 Magic Dr Suite 200

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78229
Speir Innovations LLC

10615 Perrin Beitel Rd Suite 504

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78217
Alternative Solar

6700 Guada Coma Dr

Schertz, TX, Texas 78154
Soleil Energy Solutions LLC

3700 Fredericksburg Rd Ste #143

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78201
Solar Edge Pros

11010 Coachlight St Ste 102

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78216
J Ramirez Electric Inc

101 Quail Nest Rd

Jourdanton, TX, Texas 78026
LoneStar Solar Services LLC

2837 Miller Ranch Rd

Pearland, TX, Texas 77584
Texas Green Energy

5930 Piper Ln

College Station, TX, Texas 77845
Victory Solar ( Solar Panels )

12705 S Kirkwood Rd

Stafford, TX, Texas 77477
TES Home Solar

1710 N Main St

Liberty, TX, Texas 77575
ACE Electrical Services

3130 N Fry Rd #100

Katy, TX, Texas 77449
IES Residential

10203 Mula Cir

Stafford, TX, Texas 77477
Hays Electrical Services

5939 Albert Dr

Humble, TX, Texas 77396
Sunshine Renewable Solutions

4011 Valley Green Ct

Houston, TX, Texas 77059
Awake Solar

6911 Brasada Dr

Houston, TX, Texas 77085
KW Solar

5750 N Sam Houston Pkwy E STE 810

Houston, TX, Texas 77032
Fastrac Solar Power Services

10696 Haddington Dr Ste 130

Houston, TX, Texas 77043
Sunnova Energy International Inc

20 Greenway Plaza #540

Houston, TX, Texas 77046
TriSMART Solar

15200 E Hardy Rd

Houston, TX, Texas 77032
Texas Solar Outfitters

705 Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX, Texas 77007
Green Light Solar

5750 N Sam Houston Pkwy E STE 810

Houston, TX, Texas 77032
Solar CenTex

1901 E Farm to Market 2410

Harker Heights, TX, Texas 76548
Texas Electrical Services

1916 W Cameron Ave

Rockdale, TX, Texas 76567
Texas Best Solar

608 E Hickory St #128

Denton, TX, Texas 76205
Allegiance Solar

903 S Amy Ln

Harker Heights, TX, Texas 76548
Daybreak Solar

2106 N Main St

Fort Worth, TX, Texas 76164

420 Throckmorton St Ste 200 Ste 200

Fort Worth, TX, Texas 76102
Sonovus Energy

6024 Old Hemphill Rd Ste C

Fort Worth, TX, Texas 76134
O3 Home Solar

325 North St. Paul Street #4550

Dallas, TX, Texas 75201
Good Faith Energy

13720 Diplomat Dr

Farmers Branch, TX, Texas 75234

1126 S Cedar Ridge Dr Suite 114

Duncanville, TX, Texas 75137
Blue Sky Solar and Roofing

2300 Valley View Ln Suite 200

Irving, TX, Texas 75062
Synaptic Solar

1140 International Pkwy

Richardson, TX, Texas 75081
1 Solar Solution

5000 Eldorado Pkwy #150-274

Frisco, TX, Texas 75033
Kesters Inverters

4581 FM 18

Abilene, TX, Texas 79602
Circular Energy

2111 West Braker Lane #600

Austin, TX, Texas 78758
Sunrise Solar

5114 Balcones Woods Dr.Suite 307 #250

Austin, TX, Texas 78759
Greenbelt Solar LLC

6305 Sanderson Ave

Austin, TX, Texas 78749
Sunbelt Solar

7901 Cameron Rd. 2-230

Austin, TX, Texas 78754
Meridian Energy Systems

4109 Todd LaneSuite 900

Austin, TX, Texas 78744
Freedom Solar

4801 Freidrich Ln

Austin, TX, Texas 78744
Green City Austin

6000 Shepherd Mt. Cv. Suite 408

Austin, TX, Texas 78730
Lambent Energy

2900 North Quinlan Park Road #240

Austin, TX, Texas 78732
Lighthouse Solar

2000 S 7th Street

Austin, TX, Texas 78704
Texas Solar Power Company

6448 E Hwy 290 #C112

Austin, TX, Texas 78723
Solar Community

4704 E Cesar Chavez StSuite 120 B

Austin, TX, Texas 78702
Entero Solar

1508 W 30th

Austin, TX, Texas 78703
Pioneer Green Energy

1802 Lavaca St

Austin, TX, Texas 78701
Alba Energy

1601 Rio Grande St

Georgetown, TX, Texas 78701
Wimberley Wind and Solar

9 Shady Grove Ln

Wimberly, TX, Texas 78676
Intero Energy

823 Congress Ave. Suite 700

Austin, TX, Texas 78701
Solartek Energy

12202 Double Elm Dr

Manchaca, TX, Texas 78652

100 W Pflugerville Pkwy #110

Pflugerville, TX, Texas 78660
HEsolar LLC

100 Precision Dr #202

Buda, TX, Texas 78610
Able Electric

135 Belton St

McDade, TX, Texas 78650
SRE Standard Renewable Energy

10203 Kotzebue Drive

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78217
Sol Technologies LLC

606 S Missouri Ave

Welasco, TX, Texas 78596
Smartworld Energy

2379 NE Loop 410 Suite 2

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78217
South Texas Solar Systems

10203 Kotzebue ST.

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78217
CAM Solar

110 Broadway

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78205
Smart World Energy

2379 NE Loop 410 Suite 2

San Antonio, TX, Texas 78217
Advanced Solar

105 Loop 539 W

Cibolo, TX, Texas 78108
I-Group Renewable Incorporated

2313 Cedar Grove

New Braunfels, TX, Texas 78132
Victory Solar

12705 South Kirkwood Road

Stafford, TX, Texas 77477
TES HomeSolar

1710 N. Main

Liberty, TX, Texas 77575
Innotech Engineering Inc

18 Fairlight C

The Woodlands, TX, Texas 77382
Statewide Remodeling

100 Northpark Central Dr. Suite 450

Houston, TX, Texas 77073
Solar Design and Construction

222 Broad Ripple Road

Huffman, TX, Texas 77336
Integrate Sun LLC

5821 Southwest Freeway #320

Houston, TX, Texas 77057

5821 Southwest Fwy #320

Houston, TX, Texas 77057
Preferred Energy

10245 W Little York Rd #500

Houston, TX, Texas 77040
SRE Standard Renewable Energy

4460 West 12th Street

Houston, TX, Texas 77055
Alternative Power Solutions LLC

8181 Commerce Park Suite 700

Houston, TX, Texas 77036

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment in 2021?

That is a great question! In a word, absolutely. In fact, with installation costs dropping over 60% since 2010, solar is a better investment than ever before!

And while the price of solar technology continues to drop, the price of utility electricity continues to go up. In the last 15 years, utility rates have increased an average of 2.9% each year.

That is actually the main crux of solar savings. You pay a one-time fee (ie your installation cost) to install solar and you are then able to avoid those utility price hikes - as well as the current high utility prices - for the next 25 years.

Obviously, some states have much higher utility rates than in other states, so solar savings will be greatest in those states, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision in other areas.

Generally speaking, savings follows utility costs, but on average the lifetime solar savings for many homeowners is between $12k and $32k. That is a lot of money saved!

How much can you save by installing solar panels on your home? It is easy to find out. Simply get a free quote and see how much you can save by going solar today!