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Rush for Tesla Batteries Shifts Storage Paradigm

Yeah, you might say that Tesla’s big battery announcement went over pretty well. Within days of introducing the Powerwall and Powerpack – attractive units, but more importantly, less expensive than expected – the company had booked $800 million in reservations.… Read More

SolarCity Bringing Small Investors Into The Game

SolarCity is edging on to Solar Mosaic’s turf, announcing its intention to build an online platform that gives small investors the chance to invest in solar power projects. We’re talking here about a kind of crowdfunding for solar, with the… Read More

SolarCity, Tesla In Energy Storage Hook-up

Rooftop solar leader SolarCity is promoting a new move into solar-tied energy storage systems for businesses, using battery technology from – get ready for this – Tesla Motors. Well, the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also the SolarCity… Read More
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Vivint Solar Begins Knocking On Doors In The OC

If you’re in Southern California and listen to public radio, you might have recently heard a solar-power company name flash by in one of those 15-second underwriting spots: Vivint Solar. Get used to it. It’s a company you’ll likely be… Read More
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SolarCity A Goldmine For Early Investors

SolarCity keeps growing faster than it had publicly anticipated, and if that continues to be the case, 2014 will be a very big year indeed. But it’s already in that category of recent stock offerings that we can all kick… Read More