While many industries in the U.S. are seeing modest gains in jobs, solar energy continues to be one of the bright spots, adding hundreds of new jobs at a time, particularly in California. Case in point: San Diego’s OneRoof Energy, which recently announced the addition of 100-plus green jobs. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and OneRoof Energy executives heralded the job additions at a recent CleanTech San Diego event.

OneRoof Energy is said to be the first residential solar company in the U.S. to work directly with roofers not only to sell, but install its systems. With demand for residential solar systems on the rise nationwide, OneRoof Energy is busier than ever. The company said it is looking to add positions in a number of departments including customer service, operations and additional areas this year.

oneroof energy,solar shingles
image via OneRoof Energy

With its SolarSelect program, OneRoof allows customers to purchase a new roof and lease an array of integrated PV shingles or roofing tiles at the same time. With no upfront costs to homeowners, OneRoof Energy develops, owns and maintains rooftop solar energy systems, and then covers both the roof and the solar installation with a simple warranty. The program is specifically designed to be deployed by roofing companies and large homebuilders in the U.S. market.

“Not only does San Diego have the highest use of residential solar of any U.S. city, the region is also quickly becoming a North American hub for innovations in renewable energy,” Mayor Sanders said in a statement. “With programs like SolarSelect, we’ll continue to build our position as America’s top solar city.”

That hub has led to the creation of organizations like CleanTech San Diego. The nonprofit organization was formed in 2007 to help position San Diego as a global leader in the cleantech economy and CleanTech San Diego now says it serves as a catalyst for a diverse group of stakeholders to advance a common agenda.

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