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SoCal Wind Power Headed To Silicon Valley

Portland, Ore.-based Iberdrola Renewables has found a buyer for 50-megawatts (MW) of power from the Manzana Wind Power Project, now under construction in California. It will go to the city of Santa Clara’s Silicon Valley Power, a repeat customer for… Read More
pomegranate battery

Pomegranate Points Way To Silicon-Based Li-Ion Battery

Science describes nature, but science also borrows from nature. We’ve heard about a solar leaf, a smart watch inspired by buzzing insects, a hybrid car inspired by water, self-cleaning glass inspired by a carnivorous plant, a scooter steering system inspired… Read More

The Energy Suck Of US Home Internet Devices

Although appliances and consumer electronics are getting more efficient, they still represent about 35 percent of the energy consumed in U.S. homes. And it’s not just the big appliances using up energy. A 2011 study from the Natural Resources Defense… Read More

Moscow Technopark Focuses On Dorm Lifestyle

The legendary success of Silicon Valley has led to many imitators around the world—such as Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Sao Paulo, Brazil—that are trying to catch the same magical, self-sustaining combination of innovation and venture capital. In Russia,… Read More

Tornado Power Idea Gets Chance To Prove Itself

Let’s take a little ride on the Atmospheric Vortex Engine bandwagon. It might not go very far, this scheme to create an air vortex in a big tower to spin turbines to produce electricity, but $300,000 from Silicon Valley investor-billionaire… Read More