A Solar Party Pavilion LED Lightshow

All right, party people–in honor of the recent New Year, we’d like to present a green build concept for the party of the future, the ART.Rainbow solar pavilion by Gualeni Design of Italy (which comes to us via GreenMuze).

By day, it’s a futuristic prefab shade structure, suitable for your local city park (or even your backyard, if you roll like that). By night, it’s a psychedelic lightshow, courtesy of the solar panels integrated into this modular design, which light up transparent colored modules that can be mixed and matched depending on the theme of the occasion.

ART.Rainbow 1

image via GreenMuze

Inhabitat notes that LED lights in the ceiling of the ART.Rainbow light up these those colored composites, setting the mood with super energy efficiency. Now, who’s bringing the solar-powered sound system?

ART.Rainbow 2

image via GreenMuze

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