Outdoor Solar Dwarf Lights Creepy Cute

Think you’re too cool to have a garden gnome? How about a solar-powered garden gnome–or, more technically, a dwarf? Even if you personally think this lawn ornament is too ridiculous for words, chances are good you have a relative somewhere who’ll think this gizmo is the greatest thing ever.

The Solar Dwarf Light by Hong Kong-based solar lighting company Cistwin (which comes to us by was of RedFerret) features a small, crystal silicon solar panel that charges up during the day. After dark, something magic happens: cutesy little dwarves appear all over your backyard, illuminating both themselves and your landscaping/pathways with their super-bright, energy-efficient LEDs. These dwarves are good for 8 hours of illumination on a full charge and feature an on-off switch in case you get sick of them (or your neighbors find them creepy after dark).

Solar Dwarf Light

image via Cistwin

Although the Cistwin website does not seem to offer a price on these decorative dwarves, they do appear to be available in different poses, making it even more likely that someone, somewhere, will feel compelled to purchase a whole tribe of these lawn ornaments and place them all over their backyard–especially those who already have a matching tribe of garden gnomes. Solar powered kitsch, anyone?

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