Solar Bubble Light Up Pot Offers Stylish Patio Accents

We cover plenty of solar lights around here, and plenty of it revolves, understandably, around outdoor lighting. (After all, that’s where the sun is shining during the day–not inside your house.) This light, however, isn’t your average pathway definer or landscaping-highlighter. It’s really more like a solar lantern, but one with a lot more stylistic flare than the average camping variety.

The Tricod Orange Solar Bubble Light Pot (which comes to us via CoolestGadgets) looks similar to a regular terracotta pot, with a series of little cut out “bubbles” designed to let light through. It has a little built-in solar panel that gathers juice from the sun during the day to recharge a Ni-Cd AAA battery that powers the light by night, and comes with an on-off switch–so, unlike most solar lights meant for the garden, you can switch it on and off at your leisure (although if you leave it switched on, it will still kick in when it senses darkness, just like an outdoor light).


image via Coolest Gadgets

Here’s something else we like about the Tricod Orange Solar Bubble Light Pot (say that ten times fast!): its price. At just  $16.99 through Amazon, we can see these handy little gadgets adding both light and flare to backyards everywhere.

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