Solar-Powered Warning Lamp Flashes Warning Light at Bad Guys

Prowlers beware: the next car you try to jack or house you try to rob might be guarded by the Solar Powered Motion Sensing Warning Lamp from UX Sight, a device whose vigilance is powered by the sun. And you know what happens when you mess with the sun, dontcha? That’s right: you get burned.

Well, said burn is only figurative in the case of the Warning Lamp, but it’s still an effective way to scare off spooks and — for those whose imaginations wander into less adventuresome territories — serve as a signal for late-night walkers and bicyclers. “The small device has a warning light that blinks automatically when the oscillating sensor is activated,” explains Red Ferret. “This device is easy to install, and comes with an adhesive base so you can stick it anywhere to protect your vehicle from theft and intruders.”

solar flasher

Image via UX Sight

The best part? This anti-bad-guy device doesn’t require batteries in addition to sunlight: it’s entirely solar-powered.

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